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    Our students and supporters help make CONEL what it is today. Our inspiring and supportive Alumni Association helps you stay connected with each other, CONEL and the local community, as well as continuing to enrich your learning and expand your horizons.

    Who is this association for?
    If you attended CONEL, Enfield College, Tottenham College, Tottenham Tec, or Tottenham Polytechnic, sign up now to start reaping the benefits.

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  • Alumni Benefits

    If you're a former or current student or you love what we do, we want you to enjoy a lifetime of benefits in return for signing up and getting involved with CONEL:

    • Re-connect with old classmates and networking opportunities
    • Discounts on our short courses to continue your educational journey with us
    • 10% off at our Hair and Beauty Salon
    • Access to gym facilities at Enfield College and Tottenham College

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