CONEL has developed a lasting connection with our former students and local community around our Enfield and Tottenham Centres that goes back to our early beginnings. We want members of CONEL Alumni and Friends to take advantage of this huge resource and connect with this vibrant network both online and offline. Networking allows you to share experiences, knowledge and ideas, find out about job opportunities, make friends, help your community and get your voice heard.

Our Online Network

Our LinkedIn Network allows you to share, discuss and re-connect with classmates and members of our association. You’ll also receive news, offers and careers advice from the association to help expand your professional potential.

Networking Events

We’ll invite you to our upcoming events, showcases, open days and more as well as putting on special networking events exclusive to our members. Want to put on your own networking event? Contact us here and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

Alumni Website and Blog Hub

Do you want to share your business or website with fellow members of CONEL Alumni and Friends? No problem. Fill out our form and we’ll feature you on our networking page.