Francesca Banton

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Francesca Banton
“The small class sizes make learning more effective and have helped me to develop my communication skills.”

Subject: Master's Qualifying Programme

Now an Apprentice at Barclays Bank

Francesca Banton was offered an apprenticeship with Barclays Bank after participating in CONEL’s 12 week Prince’s Trust course ‘Give Tottenham a Chance.’

22 year old Francesca was ambitious and motivated to achieve but struggled to focus on which career path she wanted to pursue. Her GTAC mentor Claudette Wilson, who works as an administrator for the NHS, saw great potential in Francesca and felt she needed someone to encourage her and give her confidence. With Claudette’s support Francesca landed two apprenticeships but felt her place was in banking and wanted to begin building her career with Barclays.

Francesca said: “It’s so nice to know that there are people in the world still willing to help you achieve your dreams and better yourself. GTAC helped me by assigning one of the loveliest, most kind hearted mentors to me, who helped me realise I can do anything I put my mind to and taught me how to believe in myself.”

Master's Qualifying Programme