Provide Work Experience or Shadowing

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Offering work experience to current students is one of the most valuable opportunities that you can provide. It gives students an insight into future career options and helps them to develop their key skills in a hands-on way that can only be experienced outside of a classroom environment.

Experience gained is not just limited to the student taking part in the placement however; work experience placements are also a great way to offer management experience to existing employees by having them supervise the placement.

As an employer you can benefit from a bright and highly motivated student within your business, who can provide insights and new ideas that often come with a fresh set of eyes. Work experience is also a fantastic way to identify potential future employees in an extremely cost efficient way.

Why not have a shadow that does something for you?

Work shadowing helps provide insight for students into a certain career path, allowing them to see what actually happens within a department or job role rather than being made to photocopy or make tea! As it is a relatively short-term activity, lasting from an afternoon to a few days, work shadowing can be carried out very easily with minimal disruption to your usual routine. It is a great way to pass on your skills and allows you to think more about the way you do things in your role.

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