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Aaron Fenton
Creative Media
“My course gave me vital skills and prepared me for the real world.”
Angela Brown
"My studies at college were a turning point for me. They helped me to understand the biological, physical and chemical processes of the body"
Audrey Lakeman
English and Maths
“Thanks to CONEL all I see now is a strong bright light at the end of the tunnel.”
Ben Ahmed
“CONEL helped me progress and develop well, especially for me as I’m not that confident.”
Brian Mulligan
English, History and Sociology
“My time at the College helped me to become the person I am today.”
Emiola Soulrich
Creative Media
“Studying was fun - like getting professionally playful at business.”
Francesca Banton
Master's Qualifying Programme
“The small class sizes make learning more effective and have helped me to develop my communication skills.”
Gillian Barnes
“My time at college helped me to focus and to know that my future is important. It strengthened me, gave me knowledge and matured me.”
John Balogun
"My time at CONEL really helped me with my current course... I was able to acquire skills in ICT, especially in excel"
Laura Kotoni
Health Social
“I learned how to work with a wide variety of situations and how to deal with them.”
Melina Zachariou
Creative Media
"My time in college was so useful. I became a leader, a learner and a more developed person from when I first started."
Nathan Beckles
Creative Media
"My advice to other alumni would be to have a creative mind, no matter what your role is within the industry, because it allows you to see where the industry is going"
Pawel Huszcza
“I really like the culture in the UK, and have made friends from around the world.”
Rosheen Salmon
“College was an invaluable experience that I would definitely relive.”
Sibel Atma
Beauty Therapy, Childcare
“My favorite thing about college was being able to interact with actual clients. It gave me real life experiences as well educational.”
Tudor Vasile
“I really enjoyed the Access to IT course and have learnt and improved a range of skills.”
Zafar Alibhai
"Everything that I learnt on my AAT course, from Sage to Double Entry, is used in my everyday work"
Zuzana Tilson
“What inspired me most were my astonishing tutors.”